About Dave Morgan

In case you’d like a little information about me:

The short of it:  I am late middle aged, married, live in Colorado, retired teacher, grandfather of six precious girls, ex-Special Forces medic and political activist, interested in all things spiritual.

In case you’d like a lot of information on the author of Eternal You:

The distant past:  I was born in California and enjoyed being young on a street with more than 40 other baby boom kids. Two sisters and two brothers filled out a big family. Dad was a milkman and Mom a nurse, although she stayed at home most of my childhood to raise us. (Thanks, Mom!) I was a great social success in high school, but a remarkable failure as a student. My grades weren’t a disaster but I truly remember nothing, except how to order potatoes if I'm ever in Germany. My academic slump continued in the 1960s when I attended a local junior college and earned notoriety by breaking records for the lowest GPA ever earned by a pretty bright guy. Well, maybe that’s exaggerated, but at the very least I didn’t know anyone with worse grades.

Less distant but still long ago:  My bumpy student days ended when I received my draft notice. During my induction physical, the guy doing the testing didn’t believe I was as hearing-impaired as his equipment clearly indicated, so I was drafted. (Maybe I should have eaten some Mescaline on the way to Oakland like the guy on the bus next to me. By the time we sat down for our intake interview, he didn’t have to try very hard to convince the interviewers that he wasn’t good soldier material. They just stamped something equivalent to “Too weird for government issue" on his file and sent him home.) Anyway, early in my G.I. days, I was quite impressed by a big guy with lots of ribbons, shiny boots and a Green Beret, and I said, “If I’m going to Vietnam, I want to go with him.” So, I joined the Green Berets, learned to jump out of airplanes and became semi-competent in trauma medicine, community medical health, basic obstetrics, pharmaceuticals and behaving badly. I did some stunningly stupid things during my 2-1/2 years of service, but never got shot at or had to shoot anyone. Thank God.

I can almost remember this stuff:  After stumbling through my soldiering days, I came home to California, became a good student, joined a cult (accidentally), got married for the first time, had three lovely daughters, got kicked out of the cult and finally grew up. Somewhere in the middle of all that I spent a lot of professional time in politics, both as an organizer and candidate. That part of my career life was sometimes interesting, always challenging, ultimately discouraging.

OK. Nearly up to date:  I finally changed careers and became a social studies teacher and taught government, economics and history for 16 years before retiring 10 years ago. Since then, I’ve done a lot of substitute teaching, but writing and music have been my true avocations. In the last five years, my energy has been directed towards researching and writing my book, Afterwords: 75 Everyday people answer 15 common questions about the afterlife.

I’m late middle-aged, remarried, living in Colorado, where my wife and I share a love of our seven grandchildren and a passion for the outdoors. We live near the Rocky Mountains and hike, camp, fly-fish, and just enjoy the rugged beauty of the landscape as often as possible. Woodworking, reading, travel, songwriting and music, and of course, spiritual study, meditation, and conversation fill out the rest of my time.

From now on:  I’m eager to begin talking to people about my book and contributing to the global conversation about human consciousness and spirituality.

I love to hear other people’s stories. Direct me to your blog or give me some of your history in a comment.


"The day will come, after harnessing space, the winds, the tides and gravitation, we shall harness for God the energies of love. On that day, for the second time in the history of the world, we shall have discovered fire." - Tiehard de Chardin

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