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This page will feature articles I've written, as well as links to others that seem particularly interesting. I'll start things off with a short essay on one of the quotes from my book.


All One Life

"Now I know that there’s no afterlife and no before-life, it’s all one life.” A. L.

This phrase came from a very gifted clairvoyant friend when I asked him, “Why do you believe in an afterlife?” It's a simple idea that planted deep roots in my consciousness, and I often found myself wondering why it's so powerful for me.

Eventually, I realized it was the word “life” that jumped out at me. Alive? Doesn’t that mean certain things: heart beating, breathing, lusting after the best pizza and beer, or each other if you’re younger? All of that and so much more that comes to us through our marvelous five senses. So, can any of these forms of energy – pizza, beer, redwood trees, whatever – can any of these things we call life still be with us outside of a physical experience?

It seems so reasonable to say "Of course not." Yet, there is growing testimony, especially from people who have had near death experiences, that much of what we identify as "life" continues in enhanced ways after we die. Based on my own experiences, a lot of reading and talking to people about it, I think it's true. I've come to my own conclusions about how this can happen; Physical life isn't as solid as we think it is, and spiritual dimensions, particularly at the lower "frequencies," aren't all that different from the life we're living now. That means that after we die, at least in the initial phase, things can seem familiar and help us get oriented to life after death.

It could be we'll have food if we’ve been deprived, music if it’s what turns our spiritual gears, pretty much anything we can imagine that will help us find the balance we need to learn what we need to learn, and go to where we need to go. It’s just that kind of a setup. This might be pretty basic information for many readers, and in some it is to me as well. Still, there is infinite mystery in the notion that life is eternal, whatever form it takes, and I am humbled by how little I really understand. At the same time I am excited that I know anything at all.

Let's listen again as A.L. encourages us to look at the big picture; "Now I know that there’s no afterlife and no before-life, it's all one life.” A.L. is a fascinating combination of clairvoyant, physics whiz and to my way of thinking, something of a mystic. So I hear his words with a certain sense of awe, knowing that he's experienced insights I will never have. But even with that difference between us, I share his hope that if we put our fear and ignorance aside and embrace the wholeness of all levels of reality, what a life it would be!


"The day will come, after harnessing space, the winds, the tides and gravitation, we shall harness for God the energies of love. On that day, for the second time in the history of the world, we shall have discovered fire." - Tiehard de Chardin

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