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75 Everyday People Answer
15 Common Questions About the Afterlife
Book Information:
Title: Afterwords: 75 Everyday People Answer 15 Common Questions About the Afterlife
Author: Dave Morgan
Publisher: Rowe Publishing and Design
Publication Date: January 16, 2012
Buy the Book: www.rowepub.com/afterwords/
Book Review by Deb McGlathery, Arvada Presbyterian Church, Arvada, CO:

Westminster author Dave Morgan, has recently been published and a copy is in our library. The book is an engaging discussion with people who are so varied in their beliefs, cultures, interests, and backgrounds that you find yourself easily caught up in the questions and answers that are posed to each. It is impossible not to be reevaluating and clarifying your own ideas about the afterlife as you read this book.

The question of how you put together a book like this has been creatively and logically handled. All participants are identified after their answers by initials, not theirs, however. In the back of the book there is an alphabetical list of initials with a few words to describe the person. I carefully tore this list out of the book (as was intended) and used it as a bookmark to help me, as the reader, keep track of the interviewees. For example, “S.A.; Studies variety of Scripture and spiritual testimony, drama and language arts teacher and O.P.; Businessman, previous career in psychology, loves science fiction, and J.T.; Pharmaceutical sales, missionary as a young man”.

Each of the fifteen chapters begins with a question such as question #1, “Why do you believe in an afterlife?” The author has grouped answers that have similar themes. It is quite interesting to read how people express themselves, why they say what they say, and see where they are in their spiritual journeys. At the conclusion of the chapters, Dave, educator that he is, challenges readers in several ways to clarify their own thoughts about the questions.

Two parts of this book that I found most interesting and reader friendly were the appendices and the many references to Colorado and western locales. The appendices included great resources, inspiration, and more thought provoking questions that would be good for book clubs or a Sunday school class.

Reviewed by:
Deb McGlathery, Arvada Presbyterian Church, Arvada, CO.

 Book Review by Kevin Williams, Webmaster of www.near-death.com

In the tradition of Socrates, educator Dave Morgan asks just the right questions to elicit profound responses about the afterlife, many of which reflect current research on near death experiences and quantum science. And it could not have come at a better time. Science, philosophy, and theology are approaching a point of merger where skepticism will be obsolete. Afterwords is a must read for everyone who wants to discover how all questions about higher knowledge are leading towards the same answers, destinations, and conclusions. Five stars.

Reviewed by:
Kevin R. Williams, author of Nothing Better Than Death: Insights From 62 Profound Near-Death Experiences


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